We all know that sailing an Optimist can change a child’s life. It teaches kids life skills such as resilience, independence, decision making, self-reliance, and discipline. It also teaches the value of fair play, respect, teamwork, integrity, inclusiveness, and caring for the environment.

But Optimist fleet is only a beginning for many motivated and competitive young sailors. Sopraventus’s goal is to become the point of reference for Young sailors in helping them to grow, hone their sailing skills, identify the best fit boat to stride in their future endeavors.

Foiling has given an entirely new dimension to sailing (and surfing) and will continue to make further strides. If you are a purist you might regret this development, but it is unlikely that these new generations will turn the clock back, traditional sailing might be just too boring for them. High adrenaline is what they are looking for. In the future of sailing foiling is here to stay! Moreover the foiling events do not only result in new fans, they are also perfect breeding grounds for new sailing technology, which can be used in much smaller boats.

The long term goal of this initiative is to provide a solid base of talent with the potential to achieve World-class and Olympic status.



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